Architects Layer Architecture on Architecture in Lament Over Architectural Flap

Steven Holl left the Denver court-house project after difficulties with client. Local architects projected video onto the west face of the Daniel Libeskind's Hamilton Building of Holl presenting his design. Click here for pictures, or click here for the lamenters' blog.


Speed and Fragmentation hits Newspaper Journalism

Does newsroom "convergence" mean a "bold new push for reporting that's hasty, fragmented and half-baked," asks Ed Wasserman, professor of journalism ethics at Washington and Lee University. As Cubism's iconic medium worries about what do with the internet, journalism is suffering. Adopting one the Futurists' prime loves, speed, as their own, converging newsrooms are dicing and slicing journalistic practice. The new system encourages publishing before editing, multiple versions of stories, and further erosion of credibility.